Powershell with Differnet Technologies

PowerShell provides a lot of access to different technologies and APIs on a Windows system making it ideal tool for administrators and for security work. Microsoft if making PowerShell the default management interface for many of it's server products like
1. Microsoft Exchange Server
2. IIS
3. System Center Operations Manager
4. SQL Server
5. SharePoint Server
6 . Biztalk Server and more,
not only that but with Windows 2012 server the default install is core (GUI-Less System) and management is done via the command line or using Remote Admiration Tools. Microsoft included more than 4000 new PowerShell cmdlets to make the administration of the new server the easiest ever using the command line. Even if I dont remember wrong then more than 700 new PowerShell cmdlets inw windows 7 with new version powershell 4.0.