3 Reasons to learn PowerShell

1. if you are doing single operation like creating account then it is fine but if are going to do it n number of users the it should through powershell commands you need to loop the operation, copy can work for all of the n numbers of users.
With Poewrshell you can avoid doing the same thing over and over again. Once figure out powerhell commands you need to do it again and again as same script can make you like easy. Last point is that powershell works with same consitency.
I have seen lot of IT professsional doing the same thing again and again.
You are right place to learn the powershell commands and we will help you out from doing the repetative work in simplified manner.

2. We can improve the productivity as same script can be used again. as it is documented clearly. May be first it could take your most of the time like 5 hrs but after that it is will just 5 seconds job do work on it. You could more many if you knows powershell. As boss could not understand what you are doing like unix guys do. Working on black screen.

3. Powershell is native for windows world. As microft decided to powershellise windows world they started with windows exchanges server, active directory, sharepoint server, cms server, sql server, virtual manager etc..
You have to learn the powershell being a administrator. Becuase 30% of work you cant do without powershell.
you can right single line commands where with could have to taken 3 days using VBscript.